You decide whether you will handle your own accounting and let us prepare the closing financial statements, or whether you prefer to outsource all the accounting tasks. We will offer you just as much assistance as you want or need – so that you can focus 100% of your attention on your business.


We will create the chart of accounts according to the accounting framework for SMEs, and we will set up your book-keeping for you.


We enter all supporting documents (receipts, etc.) and if necessary, we bring overdue accounting items up to date. We also handle your accounting for VAT, AHV (Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance) and Suva (the Swiss Accident Insurance Institution). In addition, you can outsource administrative tasks to us: these could include payment transactions and correspondence, or your payroll accounting.


We prepare interim and end-of-year financial statements, and we assess them on the basis of business management and tax aspects.

Worth knowing: we work with Abacus software and we also offer online accounting. For more information, visit:


Talk with us if you have any questions relating to tax. We'll offer you professional advice, and we'll be glad to help you either as a private individual or an SME – regardless of whether or not we handle your accounting.


Tax planning always pays dividends in every case (real estate, occupational pension provision, retirement or inheritance law). Of course, you can only reduce your tax burden if you complete your tax return correctly. Planning helps you to avoid paying unnecessary tax.

We advise SMEs on finding the best legal form and the best tax domicile. We believe that this service also includes proper planning of tax liabilities and burdens during the year-end closing.


We advise you on all issues related to Swiss tax law; we act as your representative in dealings with authorities, and we can submit objections or appeals. We also know what needs to be done if your assets are located abroad, or if you are living in Switzerland as an expatriate.


We complete tax returns for natural persons and legal entities throughout Switzerland, and we are familiar with all the special cases (moving to or from Switzerland, property purchases or sales, source/withholding tax, death, etc.).


We are registered with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (registration number 501144) and we offer the full range of audit services for SMEs.


For associations and ordinary partnerships which are not subject to regular or limited auditing, you can engage us to conduct an audit review. You define the scope and key points of the audit activities.


This – the most frequent type of audit for SMEs – is our area of core expertise. As your auditors, our aim is also to create added value as a result of the audit – even if no accounting mandate is in place.


As audit experts registered with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority, we offer you these special audits:
– formation audit
– audit confirmation in case of capital increase or reduction
– audit confirmation in case of liquidation
– audit of pension plans

In our capacity as auditors, we will of course take part in all meetings of the board of directors or general meetings, if you so wish.


As an SME ourselves, we are familiar with the concerns of many small and medium-sized companies, and we know what you need. That's why we can advise SMEs on all corporate management issues and – with the help of our external partners – we can offer proactive and well-informed support.


We offer you independent and neutral advice when important decisions are about to be taken. We can advise on business plans and issues ranging from incorporations, organisation and diversification through to succession planning.


We analyse planned investments, recommend appropriate new financing or refinancing, negotiate with banks and optimise your financing costs.


We advise you on all business management issues, ranging from budgets to liquidity planning, and we analyse key data as the basis for sound decisions.

To meet challenges of exceptional complexity, we collaborate with external partners. They include notaries and attorneys-at-law as well as specialists on tax, VAT and IT.


Some people have no time or inclination to deal with paperwork once they have retired, while others find (sooner or later) that it's too much for them. We will relieve you of many tasks, and we shall make sure that you get your money.


An extract from our portfolio of services:
– interface between customer and authorities or billers
– payment transactions and correspondence
– annual statement of assets, income and expenditure


We apply for supplementary benefits or care allowance; we submit supporting documents for reimbursement of illness-related expenses to your health insurance fund, and we monitor all payments.


We advise you on all issues related to occupational pension provision, inheritance and tax in the third phase of your life.